Problem : Your List is Getting Filled
With Invalid Data

If You've run list-building campaigns earlier, you know one thing. Not all the people who sign up given you correct data.

People end up making mistakes, entering wrong spellings, domains and email addresses that they never open. The result - your list gets filled with invalid addresses.

Worse, there are people who do this on purpose. but in wrong email addresses, email addresses of known spam traps, or temporary email addresses just to grab your bonuses.

As much as 15% of your list may be made up of this invalid data to start with, end as time goes on it gets worse, because real people will unsubscribe from your list at some point of time but the fake ones never do!

That's why you find yourself making less and less sales from your list as time passes, even if you are bringing in fresh leads consistently.

Solution : Clear Your Lists Regularly

The only way out of this is to clean your lists regurarly. Once every two weeks to root out all the older dead email addresses and to remove all the bad emails that got signed up fresh.

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